Ras Kassa’s is back and that’s a very good thing

By Caitlin Rockett

 March 2, 2017

" Back in 2016, Boulder Weekly’s own John Lehndorff called Ras Kassa’s “the coolest culinary anomaly” he’d ever encountered in his life as a food writer. It was, he wrote, “the first (and still only) place I’ve ever allowed anyone, much less a restaurant owner, put food directly in my mouth with her fingers. Somehow it was OK when it was Tsehay Hailu.” .. see more >


Boulder Weekly


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House mojito at Ras Kassa's Ethiopian Restaurant. ( Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer )

House mojito at Ras Kassa's Ethiopian Restaurant. (Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer)

Review: In new Lafayette space, Ras Kassa's is back

Ethiopian restaurant, area staple of several locations, is as good as ever

By Clay Fong


Camera Dining Critic

"For longtime observers of the local food scene, one of the most welcome pieces of news for 2017 was the resurrection of Ras Kassa's Ethiopian Restaurant. After all, you can often gauge how long an area foodie has been in town by their recollection of which of Ras Kassa's locations they first dined at. Old-timers like myself may have been introduced to this eatery's charms at the old Eldorado Springs location, just off Colo. 93. More recent arrivals may recollect the cozy 30th Street locale, and the newest among us may recall the takeout venue in the Boulder Broker."


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